Aircraft for Sale or Lease: 777

Aircraft: 777
Model: 777
777 family aircraft (777-200, 777-200ER, 777-300 & 777-300ER) were manufactured by Boeing from 1994 to present (freighter aircraft still being manufactured), equipped with GE90, PW4000 & Trent engines and GTCP331-500 APUs. Passenger to freighter conversion options are provided by, but not necessarily limited to, Boeing & Israeli Aircraft Industries (IAI).
Aircraft Type MSN Model Manufacturer Y.O.B. Engine Type Available For Available Owner/Rep Website Contact  
777-300ER42142777Boeing2013GE90-115BL2Sale or LeaseJul-24BBAMContact0
777-30030868777Boeing2001Trent 892Sale or LeaseNowJet MidwestContact0
777-30032317777Boeing2002Trent 892Sale or LeaseNowJet MidwestContact0
777-200ER34379777Boeing2007Trent 895Sale or LeaseNowJet MidwestContact0
777-200ER28532777Boeing2002Trent 892Sale or LeaseNowJet MidwestContact0
777-200ER32896777Boeing2004GE90-94BSale or LeaseNowJet MidwestContact0
777-200ER33395777Boeing2005GE90-94BSale or LeaseNowJet MidwestContact0
777-20027640777Boeing1998PW4074Sale or LeaseNowJet MidwestContact0
777-200ER32895777Boeing2004GE90-94BSale or LeaseNowLogistic AirContact0
777-200ER32894777Boeing2004GE90-94BSale or LeaseNowLogistic AirContact0
777-200ER32893777Boeing2003GE90-94BSale or LeaseNowLogistic AirContact0
777-200ER32892777Boeing2003GE90-94BSale or LeaseNowLogistic AirContact0
777-300ER35164 777Boeing2007GE90-115BSaleNowIAG Engine CenterContact0
777-200ER33394777Boeing2003GE90-94BSaleNowLogistic AirContact0
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