Aircraft for Sale or Lease: ATR 72

Model: ATR 72
ATR 72 family aircraft (ATR 72-200, ATR-500 & ATR-600) were manufactured by ATR (French & Italian joint venture) from 1984 to present (ATR 72-600 aircraft are still in production), equipped with PW120, PW121, PW124 & PW127 engines. Passenger to freighter conversion options are provided by, but not necessarily limited to, Aeronautical Engineers, Inc. (AEI).

Aircraft Type MSN Model Manufacturer Y.O.B. Engine Type Available For Available Owner/Rep Contact Website (click)
ATR 72-212A Freighter 707 ATR 72 ATR 2004 PW127F Lease Jan-23 KF Aerospace Heather Larmer