Engine for Sale or Lease: CF34-10E

Available Engine: CF34-10E
Model: CF34-10E
CF34-10E (CF34-10E5, CF34-10E6 & CF34-10E7) engines are manufactured by General Electric for Embraer E190 & E195 aircraft which were produced from 2004 to 2021. Thrust rating ranges from 18,800 lbs. to 20,400 lbs.
Engine Type Model Manufacturer ESN Available For Available Country Location Owner Website Contact
CF34-10E7CF34-10EGeneral Electric994741LeaseNowEuropeMTUView Wout Van Dorst
CF34-10E7CF34-10EGeneral Electric994612LeaseNowEuropeWillis LeaseView Jennifer Merriam
CF34-10E5A1CF34-10EGeneral Electric994405LeaseNowUSAMTUView Wout Van Dorst
CF34-10E6CF34-10EGeneral Electric994209Sale or LeaseNowEuropeRegional OneView Jason Maloney
CF34-10E5CF34-10EGeneral Electric994670Sale or LeaseNowMiddle EastResidcoView Scott Daniels
CF34-10E5CF34-10EGeneral Electric994761Sale or LeaseNowUSAFalkoView Pat Carolan
CF34-10E6CF34-10EGeneral Electric994697Sale or LeaseNowUSAFalkoView Pat Carolan
CF34-10E6CF34-10EGeneral Electric994625LeaseNowEuropeELFCView Declan Madigan
CF34-10E7CF34-10EGeneral Electric424277LeaseNowUSAWillis LeaseView Jennifer Merriam
CF34-10E6CF34-10EGeneral Electric424642LeaseNowUSAWillis LeaseView Jennifer Merriam
CF34-10E6CF34-10EGeneral Electric424641LeaseNowUSAWillis LeaseView Jennifer Merriam
CF34-10E5A1CF34-10EGeneral Electric994200Sale, Lease or Exch.NowUSABeauTechView Stefanie Jung
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