Engine for Sale or Lease: CF6-80C2B

Model: CF6-80C2B
CF6-80C2B (CF6-80C2B1, CF6-80C2B2, CF6-80C2B4, CF6-80C2B5, CF6-80C2B6, CF6-80C2B7 & CF6-80C2B8) engines are manufactured by General Electric for Boeing 767 family aircraft (767-200ER, 767-300, 767-300ER & 767-400ER) which were produced from 1986 - 2022 and Boeing 747-400 aircraft which were produced from 1982 - 2009. Thrust rating ranges from 52,000 lbs. to 63,500 lbs.

Engine Type Model Manufacturer ESN Available For Available Country Location Owner/Rep Contact Website (click)
CF6-80C2B6F CF6-80C2B General Electric 702776 Sale or Lease Now USA Residco Scott Daniels
CF6-80C2B1F CF6-80C2B General Electric 702575 Sale or Lease Now UK KP Aviation Edy Cortes
CF6-80C2B6 CF6-80C2B General Electric 695327 Sale or Lease Now USA Jetran Nick Blowers