Wanted Engine Tooling

Wanted Engine Tooling

Contact Aero Connect if you have equipment that meets any of the end-user requirements below and would like to be connected.
Requirements are generated from Aero Connect’s direct contact with its global aviation network.
Reference # Date Equipment Type Company Name Category Region Interest Contact Note
R-5746210/31/2023Engine ToolingCF6-80C2GE AerospaceManufacturerNorth AmericaLeaseContact747-400 Boot Strap Kit
R-5731610/24/2023Engine ToolingTrent 7000South African AirwaysAirlineAfricaLeaseContactBoot Strap Kit
R-5713210/12/2023Engine ToolingGEnx-1BAir TahitiAirlineOceaniaLeaseContactPN: K71010-87 Inlet Cowl Storage Stand
R-5713010/12/2023Engine ToolingGEnx-1BAir TahitiAirlineOceaniaLeaseContactPN: J71001-94 Equipment Sling Inlet Cowl
R-5712810/12/2023Engine ToolingGEnx-1BAir TahitiAirlineOceaniaLeaseContactKit - Engine Change
R-5713410/12/2023Engine ToolingGEnx-1BAir TahitiAirlineOceaniaLeaseContactPN: K71009-36 Fan Cowl Hoist SPL-9022
R-5713610/12/2023Engine ToolingGEnx-1BAir TahitiAirlineOceaniaLeaseContactPN: K24001-119 VFSG/ASG Hoist removal/install tooling SPL-7666
R-5713810/12/2023Engine ToolingGEnx-1BAir TahitiAirlineOceaniaLeaseContactPN: K24-001 VFSG/ASG Hoist adapter removal/install tooling SPL-7664
R-5709610/12/2023Engine ToolingCF6-80C2compagnie africaine d'aviationAirlineAfricaLeaseContactBoot Strap Kit
Tell us what equipment you are looking for and we’ll attempt to find it for you.

Tell us what equipment you are looking for and we'll attempt to find it for you.


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